UBA INVESTMENTS<0768> - Results Announcement

UBA Investments Limited announced on 17/8/2000:
(stock code: 768)
Year end date: 31/3/2000
Currency: HK$                                               
                                           from 8/6/1999    
                                           to 31/3/2000     
    - Continuing                         : 29,594,909
    - Discontinued                       : N/A
Operating Profit/(Loss)
    - Continuing                         : 17,383,601
    - Discontinued                       : N/A
Total Operating Profit/(Loss)            : 17,383,601
Share of Profit/(Loss) of
  Associated Companies                   : N/A
Share of Profit/(Loss) of
  Jointly Controlled Entities            : N/A
Profit/(Loss) after Tax & MI             : 14,741,601
% Change over Last Period                : N/A
EPS/(LPS)-Basic                          : 28 cents
         -Diluted                        : N/A
Extraordinary (ETD) Gain/(Loss)          : N/A
Profit/(Loss) after ETD Items            : 14,741,601
Final Dividend per Share                 : NIL
(Specify if with other options)          : -
B/C Dates for Final Dividend             : N/A
Payable Date                             : N/A
B/C Dates for (-) General Meeting        : N/A
Other Distribution for Current Period    : 9 bonus shares for every 1   
                                           existing share, 1 bonus
                                           warrant for 5 shares as 
                                           enlarged by the 
                                           proposed bonus issue
B/C Dates for Other Distribution         : 26/9/2000 to 29/9/2000 bdi.


(1)     Corporate reorganisation and basis of presentation
The Company was incorporated with limited liability as an exempted company 
in the Cayman Islands on November 4, 1999 under the Companies Law (1998 
Revision) of the Cayman Islands.

Super Idea International Limited ("Super Idea") was incorporated with 
limited liability in the British Virgin Islands on June 8, 1999.

On December 22, 1999, the Company and Super Idea underwent a group 
reorganisation to rationalise the group structure in preparation for the 
listing of the Company's shares on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited 
(the "Stock Exchange"), and the Company became the holding company of 
Super Idea.

Details of the corporate reorganisation are set out in the section headed 
"Statutory and General Information" in Appendix IV of the prospectus dated 
January 4, 2000 issued by the Company.

The shares of the Company were listed on the Stock Exchange with effect 
from January 18, 2000.

(2)     Bonus issue of shares and warrants

The Proposed Bonus Share Issue will be made on the basis of nine bonus 
shares for every one existing share held by the shareholders whose names 
appear on the Register of Members on September 29, 2000. The bonus shares 
will be credited as fully paid at par and will rank pari passu with the 
existing shares in all respects.

The Proposed Bonus Warrant Issue will be made on the basis of one bonus 
warrant for every five Shares as enlarged by the proposed bonus issue.  
Each bonus warrant will entitle the holder to subscribe in cash for a new 
share at an initial subscription price of HK$0.12 per share, subject to 
adjustments, at any time from the date of issue to 30 June 2002 or such 
earlier date as provided in the instrument constituting the warrants. The 
shares to be issued on exercise of the Proposed Bonus Warrants will not 
rank for the Proposed Bonus Share Issue. 

(3) Further to the final results announcmenet released on the teletext on 
17/8/2000, the Company subsequently notified the Exchange that due to typo 
error made by the Company, the date for the shareholders whose name appear 
on the Register of Members under Remark (2) should read as September 29, 
2000  instead of September 26, 2000.

For more details, please refer to the press announcement today.